Unlike preventative or restorative dentistry, cosmetic dentistry is mostly focused on appearance. There are many different options for whitening teeth, some you can do at home and others are done in the dentist's office. Depending on the level of whitening you are looking for, your best options are easier to get than you think.

Homemade Remedies

There are plenty of homemade remedies that people try and can find some success. Hydrogen peroxide, baking soda, and wood ash are the most popular substances for getting teeth whiter. Turning these ingredients into a paste and applying to the teeth can give you results, but be careful not to overdo it or you could hurt yourself.

Whitening Toothpaste

It seems like almost all toothpastes contain whitening ingredients, with the most common ones being peroxide, baking soda, hydrated silica, sodium tripolyphosphate, and potassium nitrate. There are plenty of options that will have stronger whitening power and in less time, as indicated in the price. Switching your toothpaste to one that contains these ingredients will give you some results. Combining it with other whitening products, like a whitening mouthwash, will help amplify your results.

Strips and Trays

There are many commercially produced whitening strips and trays that you can use from home. These kits will dramatically increase the whiteness of your teeth if you are using them for the first or second time. If your teeth are already fairly white, these strips won't make much of a difference, but are great for touching them up before a special event.

Professional Whitening Pens

Dentist offices have created their own whitening kits that they can sell to their patients who want an "at home" remedy for yellow teeth. These are very powerful solutions that will work better than drug store kits, but not quite as well as the whitening processes they do in their office.

Dental Products

The most effective whitening tools are going to be in your dentist's office. They have powerful products that work quickly. Most of the time, this only takes one or two treatments before you have extremely white teeth. The dentist will have the best tools for the job and they can take care of any specific problems like color spots. Many people find that they have some sort of a reaction to drug store kits, whether it is increasing the sensitivity of their teeth, gums, or lips. If you are under the care of a dentist, you can consult them on what to do next.

Transform Your Look

White teeth can completely transform your smile and the way you look. If you are looking for a makeover in even the smallest way, transform your look with a more beautiful smile. Contact a professional like Karla M. Kreger D.D.S. for more information.