An abscessed tooth is a dental emergency that needs to be dealt with immediately, as it is an infection that can cause serious health complications. An infection from inside an abscess will continue to spread even after it has killed the tooth. Infection can quickly spread throughout the entire mouth. There are specific warning signs that appear when dealing with an abscessed tooth. Here is a list of some of the common symptoms and signs you have an infected tooth.

Serious Pain When Chewing & Inside The Mouth

If you have a sharp shooting pain inside your mouth around the tooth when you chew, then it could be a sign of a serious infection. The pain may spread to the rest of the face and cause swelling on the same side of the face as the abscessed tooth. You should always be able to chew your food without causing serious pain, and if you cannot do so without enduring severe discomfort, then you need to call an emergency dentist.

Foul Odor & Lack Of Taste

An abscessed tooth will cause a foul odor to develop as the infection has completely rotted out the tooth to the point where it's completely decayed. The rotten tooth will eventually begin to develop a foul odor that will cause your breath to smell completely offensive. The infection will also cause your sense taste buds to encounter a very bitter and sour taste inside the mouth. If you cannot get rid of the smell even after using mouthwash, breath mints and other breath enhancers, then you should consult with a dentist.

Fever & Flu Like Symptoms

An abscessed tooth can also cause you to encounter flu-like symptoms like fever, swelling, and severe sweating as the body tries to combat the infection. The flu-like symptoms may include nausea, chills and vomiting that may get worse over time. These symptoms are a sign that the infection has potentially spread to the rest of the body and if left untreated, it may spread to the bloodstream, causing severe health complications or potentially even death.

A professional emergency dentist will be able to assist with any of the symptoms outlined above and can drain the toxic fluid from the tooth and the body. They will also prescribe antibiotics that can help to fight off the infection and stop it from spreading throughout the body. Only a professional dentist like one from Children's Dentistry of Lake County can properly examine a tooth and perform dental x-rays to diagnose an abscessed tooth.