You don't need an implant for every missing tooth. You can instead use implants to help you with your dentures. The main issue is that there are so many options out there. It can become confusing trying to figure out which is which. Implant retained dentures cover most of those options.

Implant Supported Dentures

You may see the term under different names:

  • Implant retained dentures
  • Implant assisted dentures
  • Hybrid dentures

All of these describe techniques in which implants are used as anchors for dentures. These techniques can vary widely from each other. A basic procedure involves using two implants to help hold dentures in place. But more advanced techniques include other types of hybrid dentures and all-on-4, or all-on-6 techniques.

Is Anchoring Important?

If you already wear dentures, you've likely experienced one of these issues.

  • Dentures slipping, falling out
  • Dentures moving around
  • Dentures getting in the way of speaking or chewing

These may not sound like large issues to those that don't wear dentures. But these issues can literally impact your way of life. The idea behind implant assisted dentures is that they can make the denture more steady at least, and completely immovable at most.

All-On-4 Example

In this procedure, you receive four implants.

Those four implants can support a full arch of teeth. Usually, this procedure works best for those with full or partial edentulism. It allows you to have a full set of firmly secured teeth without the need for a full mouth of implants.

All-on-4 is just one kind of procedure. You can also use just two implants to anchor a denture. It's all about your individual needs.

Permanent or Removable

Many of the implant-assisted options come down to whether you want permanent or removable dentures. In most cases, these procedures only anchor your dentures. That means you will still have to remove them for cleaning. In some cases, only your dentist can remove them.

They will still need readjustments and routine checks. Some procedures, such as the aforementioned all-on-4, offer permanent teeth. Once placed, the prosthetic becomes very much like a permanent set of teeth. You don't remove them; instead, you treat them as normal.

Additional Benefits of Implants

Besides using implants for anchoring dentures, you also receive all the benefits that come along with implants in general.

  • Long term solution
  • Protects facial structure
  • Stimulates jaw bone

So even while you're seeking to support your dentures and improve your smile, you're still doing a lot more for your dental health besides.

So Now You Know

There are many named, and name-brand, procedures out there. Many of them are meant to achieve the same things. As long as you know that you have options, you can have a better discussion about them with your dentist. Get in touch with a professional like Bonnie Marshall S to learn more.