When you take your child into the dentist for the very first time, you want to make sure that they have a good experience so that they won't be afraid to return to the dentist. Many pediatric dentists do their very best to ensure that your child has the best experience possible by creating a child-friendly environment and doing things that make and keep your child happy. This article will discuss 3 great ways that a pediatric dentist can make your child's first dental appointment enjoyable. 

Allowing Them To Stay With You The Whole Time

For a young child, being away from their parent at their first dental appointment can be terrifying. Many pediatric dentists realize this and allow you to stay with your child for the entire appointment. If x-rays are taken you will need to step away from your child for a short amount of time, but you can still talk with them and stay in view. Your child will have a much more enjoyable experience overall if they know that you are there to encourage them and hold their hand each step of the way. You will also be able to explain to them what is going on, which can also help them to feel more relaxed. 

Headphones And Television

A great way to keep your child calm during their dental appointment is to distract them and pediatric dentists realize this. Many dentists have televisions set up both in the waiting rooms, as well as on the ceiling above the children's dental chairs. These televisions have wireless headphones hooked into them so that your child can hear the sound of their favorite movie or cartoon, rather than the sound of the dental tools or discussion between you and the dentist. Also, because most dentists have some sort of movie and cartoon selection program, your child can watch different shows if they get bored with the first one they choose.


Promised rewards are a great way to get your child excited about going to the pediatric dentist and also to keep them happy during their appointment. Most pediatric dentists offer fun rewards for your child, such as toys, stickers, removable tattoos, candy, etc. Bigger prizes, such as raffles, are also offered at some pediatric dental offices. Your child might be entered into the raffle for good behavior such as good brushing and/or flossing habits, being cavity-free, or behaving well during appointments.