If you need to get braces, then you have some pretty big decisions to make. Braces are crucial when it comes to correcting teeth, but there are actually a wide variety of types to choose from. Each is best suited to a very specific situation, so you will need to determine which is best for your case.

Traditional vs Lingual

First of all, you want to think about whether you want traditional or lingual braces.

As you might imagine, traditional braces are the most common by far. They are attached to the outside of your teeth, which means that they are pretty visible if you smile or open your mouth. However, this also makes them very easy for your dentist to access, which ultimately means that you won't need to spend as much time in the chair.

On the other hand, lingual braces sit on the interior of your jaw, effectively hidden from the world by your teeth. They are hard to spot and are thus great options if you really want to hide the fact that you have braces. Of course, this does come with a downside, since they are pretty hard for your dentist to access. Checkups and modifications will take longer and you might have some serious difficulty if you get some food caught in them.

Metal vs Ceramic

You will also want to decide which kind of material is best. Metal is much more common, but ceramic is perfect for certain situations.

With metal, you are getting the cheaper option that is quite visible. That being said, metal braces are very strong, which means that they can push your teeth into the correct positions relatively quickly.

With ceramic, you are paying substantially more for the benefit of decreased visibility. Ceramic braces will be colored similarly to your teeth, which means that they will be hard to spot when you smile.


Finally, you might be interested in plastic braces, which are unique in almost every way. Instead of frequent examinations and adjustments, you will get a series of disposable units that you will wear and then discard. These can be removed from your mouth whenever you want, which allows you to eat the foods that you want and gives you a bit of time to relax if you get tired of having braces. As long as you wear them for the vast majority of the time, they will do their job correctly.

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