If you're worried about using teeth whitening approaches because of the increased teeth sensitivity due to having braces on, there are other options you can take to make the process better for your teeth. Increased sensitivity can have a detrimental effect on your teeth health over the long run, after all. Here are some alternative approaches to the main sensitivity-increasing ones.

Color Therapy

One innovative approach has been to use the color wheel in order to get your teeth the color that you want. So, essentially, if your teeth are a yellow color, you would add the color on the other side of the color wheel in order to get your color white. In this case, this is purple. The colors of yellow and purple would combine to make white. This way you don't have to worry about the effects of bleach for making your teeth too sensitive.

This technique is a relatively new one, so you will likely have to hunt around a bit to find a dentist that can administer it. But it does offer alternative solutions to the whitening problem, especially if you want to avoid sensitivity issues.

Ionic gels

Ionic gels typically use a combination of gels and a blue LED light in order to make your teeth appear whiter. In particular, it helps to get rid of stains caused by drinks, tobacco, and particularly staining foods.

Many of the micro-pore gels used can have effects in under an hour. Overall, though, it usually takes 2 weeks to begin application, and then 2 months to maintain the application. You can often use a lower application of hydrogen peroxide of 0.1% than more typical treatments would give you as well. This can only help with teeth sensitivity.

Non-Peroxide Recipes

There are a number of do it yourself recipes you can use in order to help get your teeth a white color without increasing your sensitivity too much. For example, there's the option of using strawberry paste in order to get the right color. This makes use of an ingredient called malic acid. The acid destroys stains from coffee, wine, and other foods on your teeth, showing the white beneath more.

Other options for recipes include using potassium and manganese from bananas, apple cider vinegar, charcoal paste, and other more natural options. Most of these won't affect how your teeth and gums react to cold, sweet, and pressure as much as peroxide often will.

Braces may increase your teeth sensitivity, but they don't mean that you have to avoid whitening treatment altogether. It's obviously important to consult your dentist, in this case, but workable treatments are usually readily available depending on your situation. Get more information about teeth whitening from your dentist.