When you are suffering from teeth that are discolored, it can have an impact on your smile, laugh, and social interactions. If you are wondering if there is a natural way to whiten your teeth, you should be aware of these three whiteners.


Activated charcoal can actually be used like a toothpaste, but with whitening power. In order to use it, you will dip the bristles of a wet toothbrush into the activated charcoal powder. Then you brush just as if you were using toothpaste. You'll need to thoroughly rinse out your mouth when you are finished, and then brush one more time using your normal toothpaste.

Your teeth will look black when brushing with the charcoal, but it is a substance that is known to absorb impurities inside your mouth. It removes surface stains and causes the teeth to be whiter in the end.


You may have heard of turmeric before, since it is a spice used in popular Indian dishes. While the spice can stain your clothes, it can actually brighten teeth. Using turmeric is easy, since you use it just like you would activated charcoal powder. Apply it to your moist toothbrush and brush like normal. Be aware that the spice will cause your gums to have a slight yellow look to them shortly after brushing, but it will quickly go away. Over time, it will brighten the enamel and improve your smile.

The spice works because it contains curcumin, an antibacterial and anti-inflammatory agent. In addition to whitening teeth, it also prevents plaque buildup that can cause yellow teeth.

Olive Oil

You can use olive oil to do oil pulling. It works by taking approximately 1 tbsp of olive oil and swishing it in your mouth just like you do with mouthwash. The olive oil comes in contact with your teeth and other surfaces and pulls off the bacteria known to form yellow plaque. It will also dissolve any stains on your teeth that are oil-based. The longer that you swish the oil, the more bacteria will be removed. When finished, spit the oil into the trash instead of down your drain.

If you find that these natural techniques are not quite working, you'll need professional help. Get in touch with a cosmetic dentist that specializes in teeth whitening. They have techniques that will have your teeth looking whiter by the time you leave their office that same day.