Dealing with the effects of acid reflux can be very painful and frustrating. What you may not be thinking about while dealing with these issues is the health of your teeth. Heartburn that churns acid up your throat and into your mouth can have a severely negative impact on your tooth enamel. As time goes on, you may notice that your teeth begin to wear away and break. The following are some ways you can prevent such damage to your teeth:

Clear the Acid

The best thing you can do with dealing with acid reflux is to get the acid out of your mouth as quickly as possible. You can do this by simply drinking water immediately after an attack. This will help remove the acid from your teeth and rinse it away. You can also gargle with mouthwash if it is available. Rinsing in some way will help reduce the amount of acid on your teeth, thus reducing the damage to your teeth.

Get Orthodontia for Your Back Teeth

The back teeth are the most vulnerable to acid. It can be helpful to have some orthodontic work done to those teeth to help rebuild and strengthen them. The molars are very important teeth, so it is crucial that they are in good shape. If you notice that those teeth start to become misshapen, you may want to have them crowned or bonded to help protect them from the acid.

Treat Your Acid Reflux

The best way to drastically reduce the damage that acid can do to your teeth is to aggressively treat your acid reflux problem. Depending on the severity of your acid reflux, your treatment level will vary. If your acid reflux interferes with your life on a daily basis, it is best to seek professional treatment with your doctor. For milder problems, a daily over-the-counter remedy may suffice. To prevent the prevalence of acid attacks, you can also watch your diet of acid-rich foods. Items like tomato products, citrus fruit, sugar, and carbonated drinks can exacerbate an acid reflux problem.

Acid reflux is a very painful and problematic medical issue for many people. Not only can it cause long-term damage to your digestive system, but it can also severely damage your teeth. In addition to treating your acid reflux condition, you should also see your dentist regularly to check the health of your teeth and tooth enamel.