If you are wanting to have the perfect smile, but you feel your smile is currently flawed, then this article will offer advice on how you can transform your smile to that perfect one you would like to achieve. Here are some tips and tricks that you may want to keep in mind.

Start with perfect lips – A great smile starts with nice, full, moist lips. An easy way for you to achieve fuller lips is to get filler injections. Or, if you want to try a less invasive approach, then you can try to apply your makeup in a way that helps you achieve those plumper lips. There are online tutorials that teach you how to do this, and there are even lip kits you can buy that come with various lip liners and different shades of lipstick you can use to plump up your lips this way. To keep your lips moist, you want to continuously put on a good lip balm on throughout the day.

Continue with perfect teeth – Look in the mirror and even take pictures of your teeth in good lighting, so you can make notes of all the little things wrong with your teeth that you would like to have corrected. This part is going to require some help from your dentist. Here are some common issues that may be ruining the way you see your smile and some things that can be done about those things:

  • A space between your teeth. If you have a space between two of your teeth that bothers you the dentist can add bonding on each of them to pull them closer together. If you are willing to go a more expensive and a slightly more invasive way, then they can use veneers.
  • A misshapen tooth. If you have one tooth that doesn't look like the rest, then the dentist can use tools to reshape it and fill in the areas that need it with bonding. Again, they may also recommend putting a veneer on it if they feel this would be best.
  • Stained teeth. If you have stained teeth, then the dentist will set you up with a series of whitening appointments where they will either bleach or laser your teeth so that you can get back their nice and white coloring.
  • A chipped tooth. If you have a chipped tooth, then the dentist may want to use bonding, a veneer or even a crown to fix the tooth. The method they choose may have a lot to do with the seriousness of the chip and how at risk it puts your tooth for ending up with future problems down the line.

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