Getting your kid or kids off to the right start when it comes to their dental health can go a long way towards providing a lifetime of good oral care habits. Kids love to imitate Mom and Dad, especially when they are very young. So, if you want your kid to take their oral health seriously, you're going to have to step up your own game as well. Here are a few tips on how you can be a good dental role model for your child.

Brush Your Teeth with Them While They Are Young

The key word here is routine. You want your child to start a daily routine that they will keep with them throughout their life. The best way to get a young child to start an oral care routine is to start one with them. Don't tell them that they have to go brush their teeth, say that "we" are going to go brush our teeth now. Hang out in the bathroom with them and let them watch you brush your own teeth and then assist them with their own routine. Don't forget to get them flossing from a young age as well.

Don't Just Preach Healthy Eating, Live It

Kids are known for having quite the sweet tooth, but all of that sugar can wreck havoc on their teeth. If you want to combat cavities from excessive sugar, you're going to have to clean out the entire pantry. Your kid can't eat too many sweets if you don't have that many in the house. By changing your own diet to contain less sugar, you will be helping your child in this regard as well. Healthy eating of course has other benefits too that your child can enjoy throughout their life, so there's added incentive here to start them out the right way, and that starts with your own actions.

Have an After Meal Routine

While most people brush in the morning and the evening, you may want to encourage your child to follow a routine after every meal as well. They don't necessarily need to do a full brushing, but simply rinsing their mouth with some non-alcoholic mouthwash or even just water can go a long way towards improving their oral health. And again, join in the routine with them so can keep imitating their favorite role model.

For more tips and best practices on your child's dental health, reach out to a kid's dentist today.