Losing a tooth is a serious dental emergency that can have major cosmetic and functional implications. When a person is suffering from this type of emergency, they will need to have a working understanding of the tooth replacement solutions that they will be able to choose. Otherwise, they will be at a loss when it comes to correcting the issues that their tooth loss can cause.

Are Replacement Teeth Always Easy To Remove?

When a person has lost a tooth and is considering their replacement options, they might assume that all replacement teeth will work similarly to traditional dentures in that they will be easily removable. While there are some dentures that can be easily removed, many patients have grown to prefer denture implants. These replacement teeth will provide patients with a more natural appearance than traditional dentures due to the fact that these will be implanted in the bones of the jaw. As a result, patients can enjoy a far more durable tooth replacement.

Can There Be Issues That Make It Impossible To Receive Denture Implants?

Patients will need to be aware that there can be issues that may make it harder for them to be able to undergo the procedure to have denture implants placed. Serious gum disease is one of the most common reasons for a patient being unable to undergo this particular treatment. In addition to gum disease, compromised immune systems can pose a problem as it is usually advised for these patients to avoid unnecessary surgery due to their elevated risks of complications. There may be other reasons that could prevent a patient from undergoing this procedure, and this will be why a patient should receive a full evaluation before they can effectively decide on the replacement option that they want for their tooth.

What Foods Will You Have to Avoid After You Get A Denture Implant?

When there is a need to replace a missing tooth, patients might be worried that this will have long-lasting impacts on their diet. While there are some tooth replacement options that will require a person to avoid eating hard, sticky, or otherwise problematic foods, denture implants will allow patients to avoid these restrictions. The fact that these replacement teeth are implanted in the jaw can make them far more durable, which will reduce the need for major dietary changes once the implants are fully placed. During the placement and healing period, patients will need to avoid hard foods, but this will only be needed until the implanted dentures have healed enough to bond to the teeth.