It is so exciting to prepare to get braces, as you know they will make a huge difference with the way your teeth look, but you should realize that teeth do not straighten overnight. In fact, it often takes between one to three years for braces to complete their job. The amount of time you will need your braces will depend on numerous factors, including the following things.

The Severity of the Issues You Have

The first factor that will affect the length of time for your braces is the overall severity of the issues you have with your teeth, gums, mouth, and jaw. Some issues people have are minor and be easily fixed, while other issues are a lot more complex and harder to fix. When a dentist looks in your mouth and at your x-rays, he or she will likely be able to give you an estimate of the length of time you will need your braces just by examining your mouth and basing the estimate on the severity of your issues.

The Gaps That You Need to Fill In

If you have gaps to fill in, it may take longer for your braces to work. Gaps occur when teeth are missing, and braces are ideal to force teeth into the gaps, leaving a person with a straight smile that is gap-free.

The Spacing in Your Mouth 

The amount of space you have in your mouth in relation to the work your teeth need will also play a role in the speed of your braces. If you have very little space to work with, it may take longer for the braces to force the teeth into proper alignment. When there is more space available, it is often a little easier for the teeth to shift into proper place.

The Way You Handle the Treatment

You also have some control over the length of your treatment. If you do all the things your orthodontist tells you to do, you might be able to speed up the process a little bit. If you do not follow the orders you are given, it might end up taking even longer for your braces to complete their job.

As you can see, there are a lot of factors that will affect the length of time required to wear braces. If you would like an estimate for this, you can get one by visiting an orthodontist in your city.