Do you want something done quickly, or done thoroughly? This is something you need to carefully consider when you need dental veneers. You're probably already familiar with what dental veneers achieve — vastly improving the appearance of your smile by applying a slender, specially created layer of porcelain to your teeth, concealing any imperfections. But what about instant or no-preparation veneers? Why would you have regular veneers installed when you could have the procedure performed instantly?

Several Appointments

Traditional veneers need several appointments to be finalized. There's the initial consultation, followed by an appointment where the precise dimensions of the veneers are calculated (which are then manufactured to order), followed by the final session where your teeth are prepared and the veneers are bonded into place. A cosmetic dentist might prefer traditional veneers, and this isn't anything to do with the price. It's more that they want you to be completely satisfied with the final result.

Precision of Preparation 

That second step where the required precision of the veneers is determined is perhaps where the superiority of traditional veneers become obvious. Veneers are often referred to as being wafer-thin, and this is accurate. The actual thickness will vary depending on your personal situation, but a veneer can be as thin as half a millimeter. To compensate for the veneer, a tiny fraction of your dental enamel is removed. So if the veneer was to be half a millimeter, then the same amount will be removed from your enamel. This is to prevent an increase in the bulk of your teeth, meaning their overall physical dimensions remain the same. This isn't possible with instant veneers. 

Bulky Teeth, Visible Margins

While some people might be perfectly satisfied with instant veneers, the end result isn't always as seamless as they probably hoped. Your teeth will technically be larger (since no enamel was removed to compensate for the thickness of the veneer) and can look slightly bulkier, altering the appearance of your smile. The margin of the veneer (where it meets your gum line) can also be quite obvious since there was no underlying preparation work. This means that instant veneers aren't as seamless as their traditional counterparts.

Yes, instant veneers mean you'll be walking out of your dentist's office with a new smile on the very same day, but it can be better to take the extra time for traditional veneers. After all, a perfect smile is worth a bit of extra time. A cosmetic dentist can advise you if you're interested in veneers and not sure about which route to choose.