When you have misaligned teeth and conditions such as underbites and overbites, you require teeth alignment to restore your confidence. Braces are a common treatment for these conditions, but Invisalign installations are an even better alternative for teeth alignment. Invisalign treatment entails wearing transparent and extractable aligners that slowly position your teeth accordingly. Here's why you should choose Invisalign.

Easy To Clean

Invisalign installations are removable and easy to clean, which promotes good dental hygiene and prevents teeth discoloration. At times, food may stick onto the areas of the aligners that are hard to reach. Fortunately, you can detach the Invisalign aligners from your teeth and access these areas easily, ensuring that you eliminate all the dirt. Avoid braces since food can sometimes stick on the brackets and wires. Thus, thoroughly cleaning all these areas can be difficult.

More Comfort

Adopting a new device inside your mouth can be uncomfortable, and adjusting may take time. Fortunately, Invisalign alignment installations offer comfort, and you adapt fast because of the following:

  • Smooth edges: Invisalign installations have smooth edges, unlike braces that usually have rough edges.
  • No adjustment: Your orthodontist needs to tighten your braces frequently. With Invisalign aligners, you have several sets that you can switch up after two weeks. And every set has a different adjustment from the previous one. Usually, you'll feel some tightness when you change to a new set, but the feeling disappears after a few days.

These features make Invisalign aligners offer you comfort during teeth straightening.

More Confidence

One problem with conventional braces is that they may be unattractive since they are noticeable. And you may shy away from talking to people or smiling to hide the braces. Invisalign installations have similar results as braces, but they come in transparent plastic that's invisible.

Fewer Orthodontic Follow-ups

When your orthodontist installs braces on your teeth, you'll probably need to visit the orthodontist several times for tightening. And the more dentist appointments, the more money and time you will invest in the treatment. However, Invisalign aligners cut off these trips as you can change the aligners on your own. And although you'll still need an orthodontic appointment, the appointments aren't as frequent, and you can have one after every 4-6 weeks.

Invisalign aligners are easy to clean, comfortable, and may increase your confidence. Invisalign aligners also don't demand regular visits to the orthodontist. Therefore, if you're looking for teeth alignment treatment, consider getting Invisalign installations.