Are you curious about all those tools that the dentist uses to work on your teeth? After all, you only use a toothbrush when you're at home, and there are a lot of different tools that look very similar at the dentist. Here is an overview of some of the common tools that will potentially be used during your next visit.


The dentist will actually have two types of scalers that they will use. An ultrasonic scaler is the more modern form of this tool, and it uses a combination of water and vibrations to remove the tartar from your teeth. This tool is able to vibrate incredibly fast, which allows a lot of the tartar on your teeth to be removed with minimal discomfort. It's a lot like using a jackhammer on your teeth.

There is also a hand scaler, which is that metal pointy thing that you probably do not like. A hand scaler allows a dentist to be very precise with removing tartar from your teeth, with its ability to get deep into the gums to clean out the pockets where tartar has formed. 

Handpiece And Burs

The drill that is used to remove decay actually has some technical names. The main device that the dentist holds onto is known as the handpiece. It's a lot like an electric power drill that you have at home that can fit several different types of drill bits. However, a dentist calls the attachments that go into the handpiece a dental bur. There are various types of dental burs that serve different purposes.

Dental Loupes

The dentist wants to get a close look at what is going on inside your mouth, but you probably don't want them being too close to your face to do so. That's where dental loupes come into play. They are essentially magnifying glasses that your dentist can wear over their eyes so that they are completely hands free. This allows them to get a close look at the tartar that may be built up around your gums, or to make really small changes to your tooth when filling a cavity. 


The polisher does exactly what you think it does, since it helps with polishing your teeth. It is a different device than the handpiece used to attach burs, since it spins at a much slower speed for applying a polish to your teeth. Polishers require that a polishing agent is manually applied to the device before putting it on your teeth. Look into more info about dental cleaning services for further details.