Dentures are an excellent way to restore your smile. They are a perfect solution for individuals who've lost their teeth because of dental trauma and gum disease. But unknowingly to many people, dentures shouldn't last forever. Dentists recommend denture replacement after a period of use. But, how can you tell that it's time to visit a dentist for a new pair of dentures? Here are the indicators to watch out for.

The Dentures Are Becoming Loose

Dentures are specially designed to fit in your mouth without any movement. The design allows you to speak and eat without any discomfort. So when the denture starts to become loose, you may need to seek the opinion of your dentist. Typically, your denture will fail to fit correctly when its material wears down. At this point, changing the denture is necessary. 

The Denture Is Damaged or Has Started to Discolor

You shouldn't ignore persistent discoloration on your denture. This issue is largely attributed to poor oral hygiene and could lead to other issues if not addressed. Therefore, book an appointment at your dental clinic on the first sign of discoloration. Besides that, chipped or cracked dentures need to be examined by your dentist promptly. In most cases, damage and discoloration on the dentures mean that it's time to replace them. 

You Have a Hard Time Chewing Food

Discomfort when eating solid foods can originate from an issue in your dentures. If you've had the denture for a long time, the discomfort could be due to a shift in your mouth structure. It could also signify that the denture is old and needs to be replaced. Seek guidance from your dentist when you notice such a problem to avoid further complications.

Your Gums Are Becoming Sore

If your gums are sore, you may have a damaged denture. In most cases, the soreness comes about when the denture begins to deform after years of continued use. When you don't take immediate action, the denture may hurt your gums, creating a source of infection. So, when you notice soreness in your mouth, consult your dentist right away. They may suggest denture adjustment or replacement depending on the extent of soreness. 

Dentures aren't a permanent tooth replacement option. They require a replacement after a period of use. Therefore, visit your dental clinic when you experience any of the issues above. Your dentist will offer you a new denture to ensure your mouth functions optimally.