A full arch rehabilitation is a type of dental procedure done on patients that have a weak, narrow, or nearly flat arch. The arch in your smile, which is in the lower or upper jaw, is responsible for much of your facial shape and teeth placement, and if you need most or all of your teeth replaced, your dentist is likely to recommend a full arch rehabilitation for your needs.

Learn more about full arch rehabilitation and learn if this is what you need. You can get much of your answers from your dentist, although they may recommend you to an oral surgeon if you are in need of extensive dental care.

What is full arch rehabilitation?

Full arch rehabilitation is a type of rehabbed dental work where four posts are put in your mouth and a dentist or oral surgeon puts dentures in these posts. Think of full arch rehabilitation like more permanent dentures, but not quite dental implants. You can achieve a fuller, healthier, and more natural and attractive smile in just a few visits and not have to deal with the cost of dental implants, the loss of teeth, or the discomfort of dentures.

You can have full arch rehabilitation done on either your upper or lower jaw, but it's not uncommon to have both areas treated. Your dentist will explain to you more about the procedure should you be deemed eligible for it.

Do you need full arch rehabilitation?

If you need full arch rehabilitation, your dentist will recommend it to you. You are most likely to be a candidate for this procedure if you have rotting or missing teeth and want to restore your smile and your jaw bone and gums are relatively healthy. You can get the procedure done after you have all your teeth removed that the full arch rehabilitation will replace, and your dentist will give you antibiotics to keep any kind of swelling and infection at bay.

If you do get full arch rehabilitation, there may be some healing time between getting your teeth pulled and having your new arch replacement dentures put in. You may have a recovery time that requires you to take it easy for a few days before you get back to normal eating and other activities, but before long, you should be able to enjoy your new dentures and have a new smile you can feel proud of.

For more information on full arch rehabilitation, contact a professional near you.